Posted in fashion, photography by Kathrin on Juli 26, 2010

I am always fascinated by artists who are able to use a certain material, completely run with it  and make it appear completely different. It’s a sign of true craftmanship, I think. When my friend showed me these photos of Le Creative Sweatshop -consisting of french artists Mathieu Missiaen and Julien Morin- for WAD Magazine, I couldn’t quite believe they where actually made from paper since they rather look like plastic. But that’s the point here, turning a so very fragile material into something sturdy and beautiful which appears to actually be wearable. I’d love to feel them up in reality and wish I knew which technique Missiaen and Morin used.

all images taken by Matthieu Deluc, via today and tommorow, see Le Creative Sweatshop for the complete editorial

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