Posted in inspiration by Kathrin on Mai 24, 2010

Hello again!I guess it’s time to wake this little blog from hibernation, and even tough the light is still horrible most days, I tried to catch a few sunrays yesterday to show you a few bits and bobs that make me feel summerly right now.

Found this shirt a few weeks ago at the fleamarket for a little more than nothing and have been giving it much love since. Remember last year, when my mint-obsession started? Well, that was just the beginning I guess…

And it goes on, bought lots of this very pastelly mint jersey on a whim, it has been sitting around waiting to be made into something. I just love the colour, it’s a little more intense which didn’t come out properly.

Same goes for these powdery fabrics, the one on the left has this great sleak texture which reminds me of paper bags, while the other two are more shiny. Will show you some results soon!

I’m usually not much of a nailpolish-girl (or even make-up) but since there are so many beautiful shades available right now I had to cave. You know, when your favourite colours are on trend you have to stock up for bad times haha. It’s from H&M and called ‚Latte 2 Go‘ which may or may not be the most ridiculous name for a colour ever.

My hair’s a bit of a mess but I just can’t be bothered to cut it  now that I’ve grown it out for such a long time. So putting it into a slightly dishevelled braid is my favourite quick fix.

What are your favourite bits for summer at the moment?


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