Posted in fashion by Kathrin on Januar 28, 2010

When comparing womenswear to menswear, one cannot deny that the boys seem to get way less options in fashion choice than the girls. Mostly, it seems, designers still want the men to be stylishly understated, a principle which fashion has been dragging along since the 18th century. Nevertheless, if you take a close look, menswear has been changing rapidly over the last years, leaning towards feminine shapes – we also have been seeing heels on men quite a lot lately- which brings much more variety to the game.

I’ll be the first to say that I am -and have been for a while- most inspired by ‚the guys section‘. Even though, or especially, as the colour palette is often muted and limited to a few, designers are playing around with textures and shapes, contrasting or matching them. Here are some of my favourites from the FW 2010 shows:

from left to right: costume national, dior homme, raf simons

Right now, I am totally hooked on rich, shimmering wools, seen combined with roughened at Costume National and in different hues at Dior Homme. I like how Raf Simon’s trenchcoat looks like a highwaisted skirt and blouse at first, but actually isn’t.

maison margiela, louis vuitton, viktor&rolf

Subtly used pattern at Margiela and Viktor&Rolf, and again, wool contrasted by silky flowing materials and sturdy leather at Louis Vuitton.

all photos via gq

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