noir outfit // every cloud should have a satin lining

Posted in Angezogenes by Kathrin on Februar 9, 2009

the sun is in full-on spring mode today and i am up for a little splash of colour. when i finally received my dearly awaited leather jacket today, i was amazed to discover that the red satin lining also featured a small vest which can be zipped in&out. of course i had to wear it immediately. plus some random silver chains i picked up at a hardwarestore around the corner. even though it’s bright outside, it is still freezing, so i had to add my huge wool coat/cape and a big shawl to keep appropriately warm.

it is perfect for wrapping up in it and has served me very well during the cold Vienna winter. plus, it was practically a steal off eBay, seeing as the exact same one went from one of the hip eBayshops a few weeks later for 100 bucks more.

vintage coat, vest & scarf // zara shirt// AA circle scarf as skirt//random black tights//white h&m plimsoles


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  1. rebecca said, on Februar 13, 2009 at 03:13

    hi katherine. the earrings are vintage, bought them at a yard sale in portland from a lady who claimed them to be „original disco.“ she wore them going out in the 70s. cool huh? love your blog, great style!

  2. Rabenschwarz said, on Februar 14, 2009 at 08:57

    vielen dank für deinen lieben kommentar. dieser mantel sieht wahnsinnig toll aus. wow. beneidenswert.

  3. The Six Six Sick Girls said, on Februar 15, 2009 at 18:34

    That vintage coat is to die for…I’m so jealous of all your finds!


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